The Dying Rose

Rose, the name reminds of beauty, soul of love further more of the symbol of love. And indeed this Rose is a beautiful woman who is admired by many men no matter of what age. What makes her more attractive are her unique characteristic features these being fun, outgoing, natural happiness. What else can a guy want? WELL, AS LIFE IS NOT ALWAYS A GARDEN OF ROSES, SHE ALSO HAS TO TASTE THE BITTER FLAVOR OF IT. This happens as she meets her man to be or call him Mr Right! He treats her initially like a lady so that she boasts about it. Shortly after the beautiful romance she gives birth to a beautiful baby girl who resembles their beauty correctly. Now Mr Right turns slowly into a nightmare in beating her up and no neighbor would dare approach their compound to help due to intimidation. She turns into a house slave with no chance to escape. But once she makes it with severe abuse all over, she seeks help in alcohol. This is a new stage to hell in terms of her beauty, dignity and character. Because she starts engaging herself in prostitution in order to earn money and feed her family thus becoming an outcast and the shame of her parental family. Now the rose as we know it withers as it dies old thereby losing its charms. On Rose’s case she withers due to this bitter pill which she experiences while so young including consequential HIV infections which not only darkens her life but also her face. This bitterness that covers her vitae now covers her personality of late. The end of the flourishing Rose is the end of a woman`s youthful Charm. Liz Roberts

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